Thanks for stopping by to check out what we do for memory mates! Here's the scoop: the first two pictures in the gallery are an example of what the memory mate looks like. It will be printed as an 8x10 on high quality satin finish photo paper. No template is used! We create the memory mate from scratch so that we capture a custom look and feel for each team. The cost is $25 which covers time shooting and carefully editing both team and individual images to capture the character and spirit of each athlete. Rather than making a complicated list of packages and prices (let's face it, there is never the perfect package in these deals) we decided to let you decide what pictures or keepsakes you would like to purchase! We have kept the cost of these items as low as possible so you can get a variety at a very reasonable amount! Simply click on a picture and then click on the "buy" button. Listed under each category are whats available and the respective prices! 

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